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Paul Scherrer Institut PSI Accelerator Development and Operation Support

Paul Scherrer Institut
5232 Villigen PSI, Schweiz/Switzerland
Tel. +41 56 310 21 11
Fax. +41 56 310 21 99

E-Mail: andreas.streun@psi.ch

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SLS Internal Reports 2003


M.Boege, J.Chrin

Integrating Control Systems to Beam Dynamics Applications with CORBA

PAC 03, Portland, 23-NOV-2003, 3 pages [PS] [PDF] [HTML]

High level beam dynamics applications typically require access to several distributed components, among which the hardware control system and an accelerator simulation model are crucial. A CORBA Application Program Interface (API) provides clients with the necessary objects with which to develop even the most complex of applications. This is exemplified by the global orbit feedback system at the SLS which is both a consumer to event generated data and a party to remote method invocations on a variety of servers. In particular, use is made of methods provided by the Portable Object Adapter (POA) to create and activate persistent objects, the Implementation Repository (IMR) for the automatic reactivation of servers and the Event Service for the propagation of controls and physics data.


T.Schilcher, M.Boege, B.Keil, V.Schlott

Commissioning of the Fast Orbit Feedback at SLS

PAC 2003, Portland, 25-NOV-2003, 3 pages [PS] [PDF] [HTML]

At the SLS a Fast Orbit Feedback (FOFB) has been designed to stabilize the closed orbit to the 1 ┬Ám level up to frequencies of 100 Hz. The feedback is integrated into the digital BPM system [1] by means of 12 dedicated digital signal processors (DSP) and a fiber optic network. Sub-matrices of the inverted corrector/BPM response matrix are distributed to the BPM stations and corrections are performed in parallel. First promising commissioning results of the FOFB running at 4 kHz orbit sampling rate are presented. It is demonstrated that the chosen FOFB concept is appropriate and has the potential to reach or even exceed the design goals. [1] V. Schlott et al., Performance of the Digital BPM System for the Swiss Light Source , DIPAC 01, Grenoble 2001.



SLS-FEMTO: Chicane layout, performance and side effects

17-JUN-2003, 17 pages [PS] [PDF]

After a summary of previous work the final layout of the SLS-FEMTO insertion is described covering magnet parameters, geometric layout and matching conditions. Negative side-effects affecting transverse acceptance, beam lifetime and storage ring emittance are discussed as well as flexibility and performance of the chosen scheme. The relation between emittance increase and angle of separation between short pulse and core beam radiation is investigated in detail revealing the guidelines for the optimum choice of parameters.


A. Streun

SLS-FEMTO: Beam halo formation and maximum repetition rate for laser slicing

21-JAN-2003, 16 pages [PDF]

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