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Paul Scherrer Institut PSI Accelerator Development and Operation Support

Paul Scherrer Institut
5232 Villigen PSI, Schweiz/Switzerland
Tel. +41 56 310 21 11
Fax. +41 56 310 21 99

E-Mail: andreas.streun@psi.ch

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SLS Internal Reports 1999


C. Perret

Betriebsvorschrift fuer SLS

20-DEC-1999, 0 pages


C. Perret

Aenderungen am SLS Projekt, Stand Ende Mai 99

6-DEC-1999, 0 pages


P. Wiegand

Spec. Vibration Measurement Campain Modal analyses at SLS SR Girder and Magnet Sample

3-DEC-1999, 0 pages


L. Patthey

Technical Specification of End-Station of SIS beamline at SLS

25-NOV-1999, 0 pages


H. Fitze

HF System Inbetriebnahmeplan und Vorschriften

11-NOV-1999, 0 pages


C. Quitmann

Technical Specification for the PEEM/LEEM endstation Surface / Interface Microscopy Beamline at the SLS

4-NOV-1999, 0 pages


T. Korhonen

120 VME64 crates for SLS,

22-OCT-1999, 0 pages


T. Schmidt

Specification of permanent Magnetblocs for the SLS UE56 Underlators

14-OCT-1999, 0 pages


G. Ingold

Technical Specification for the Material Science Wiggler

13-OCT-1999, 0 pages


C. Schulze

Spec. of the Optical System (X06S-OP-OS) of the Protein Cristallography Beamline

31-AUG-1999, 0 pages


U. Flechsig

Spezifikation f?r SIM und SIS Optik

23-JUN-1999, 0 pages


L. Schulz

Spez. Schrauben, Muttern und Unterlagsscheiben f?r das SLS-Vakkuumsystem

4-JUN-1999, 0 pages


L. Schulz

Spezifikation UHV-Kupferflachdichtungen fuer CF-Flansch

4-JUN-1999, 0 pages


C. Perret

SU-Ueberwachungssystem der SLS

12-MAY-1999, 0 pages


C. Perret

HF-Systeme und Inbetriebnahme SLS

12-MAY-1999, 0 pages


T. Schmidt

Specification for the electromagnetic elliptical Undulator for SIS Beamline

19-APR-1999, 0 pages


D. George

Specification for the SLS Transfer Line Dipole Magnets

13-APR-1999, 0 pages


L. Schulz

Specification for the SLS Storage Ring Photon Absorber

8-APR-1999, 0 pages


W. Fichte

Spezifikation SLS-Stromschienen für Booster Magnete

4-MAR-1999, 0 pages


W. Fichte

Spezifikation zu Ausschreibung 19" Racks fuer Magnetspeisegeraet und Strahlfuehrungssysteme der SLS

17-FEB-1999, 0 pages


L. Schulz

Spezifikation UHV-Ganzmetallschieber-, UHV-Schieber- und UHV-Ganzmetall-Eckventile für das SLS-Vakuumsystem

18-FEB-1999, 0 pages


L. Schulz

Spezifikationen Ionen-Getterpumpen und Netzgeraete fuer Ionen-Gettapumpen fuer SLS-Vakuumsystem

28-FEB-1999, 0 pages


M.E. Busse-Grawitz

Summary of Design Review Clystron EEV K3418P

27-JAN-1999, 0 pages


D. George

Specification Coils

1-JAN-1999, 0 pages


D. George

Specification BI + BY Iron

1-JAN-1999, 0 pages


C. Gough

Specification for SLS-Pulsed Magnet Vacuum Tank

14-JAN-1999, 0 pages


L. Schulz

Spezifikation f?r Vakuumkammern in den SLS-Transferwegen

31-AUG-1999, 0 pages


C. Perret

Strahlenschutzbedingungen betr. lonenquellen am Linac der SLS

4-JAN-1999, 0 pages


Q. Chen, C. Schulze

Specifications of CVD-diamond window for the Front End 6S

1-DEC-1999, 2 pages


M. Boege, J, Chrin

A CORBA Based Client-Server Model for Beam Dynamics Applications at the SLS

ICALEPCS 99, 4-8 Oct. 1999, Trieste, Italy, 1-SEP-1999, 3 pages [PS] [PDF]

A distributed object oriented client-server model, based on the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), has been established to interface beam dynamics application programs at the Swiss Light Source (SLS) to essential software packages. These include the accelerator physics package, TRACY, the Common DEVice (CDEV) control library, a relational database management system and a logging facility for error messages and alarm reports. The software architecture allows for remote clients to invoke computer intensive methods, such as beam orbit correction procedures, on a dedicated server running the UNIX derivative, Linux. Client programs typically make use of graphical user interface (GUI) elements provided by specialized toolkits such as Tk or Java Swing, while monitored data required by procedures utilising the TRACY library, such as beam optics parameters, are marshalled to the model server for fast analysis. Access to the SLS accelerator devices is achieved through a generic C++ CDEV server...


A. Streun

Practical Guidelines for Lattice Design

1-OCT-1999, 69 pages [PDF] [HTML]


M. Munoz

Simulation of the injection in the SLS storage ring

1-OCT-1999, 19 pages [PS] [PDF] [HTML]


A. Streun

Simulations fo SLS Storage Ring Dynamic Aperture with Measured Magnet Multipole Errors

1-AUG-1999, 24 pages [PDF]


Q. Chen, L. Patthey, C. Quitmann

Specifications of the SLS Front Ends for the Spectroscopy Beamline X09L and the Microscopy Beamline X11M

1-JUL-1999, 25 pages [PDF] [DOC]


Q. Chen, C.Schulze, B.Patterson

Specifications of Beryllium windows for the front ends of 4S and 6S

1-APR-1999, 2 pages [PDF] [DOC]


P. Marchand

Possible Upgrading of the SLS RF System for improving the Beam Lifetime

PAC-99, New York, March 1999, 1-JAN-1999, 3 pages [PS] [PDF] [DOC]

The RF system which was adopted for the SLS (Swiss Light Source) initial phase is based on the choice of conventional, already well-proven equipment. The use of superconducting (sc) cavities has been ruled out as a starting solution. However, for improving the beam lifetime in the storage ring (SR) when operating at very high brightness, the initial normal conducting (nc) system could be further complemented with idle (only-beamdriven) sc cavities. Within that scheme, two different approaches have been investigated: either doubling the fundamental RF voltage using one 500 MHz sc cavity, or lengthening the bunches with one (possibly two) third harmonic sc cavity(ies). These upgrading options are discussed here.


P. Marchand, M.E. Busse-Grawitz, W. Tron

RF System for the SLS Booster and Storage Ring

PAC-99, New York, March 1999, 1-MAR-1999, 3 pages [PS] [PDF] [DOC]

The RF system which was adopted for the SLS (Swiss Light Source) initial phase is based on the use of conventional, already well-proven equipment. In the storage ring (SR), it consists of four 500 MHz plants, each comprising a normal conducting (nc) single-cell cavity of the ELETTRA type, powered with a 180 kW CW klystron amplifier via a WR1800 waveguide line. In spite of the lower power requirement, one similar plant will be used for the booster with the intention of standardizing. Although the use of superconducting (sc) cavities has been ruled out as a starting solution, combining idle (no external RF source) sc cavities with the initial nc system is regarded as a possible way of further improving the beam lifetime in the SR when operating at very high brightness.


A. Streun, M. Boege

Beam Lifetime studies for the SLS storage ring

PAC-99, New York, March 1999, 1-MAR-1999, 3 pages [PS] [PDF] [HTML]

SLS is a high brightness light source with 4.8 nm emittance at 2.4 GeV. Particle losses due to Touschek scattering will strongly affect the beam lifetime. We present Touschek lifetime calculations based on a refined tracking procedure for determination of the lattice momentum acceptance. The dependency of lifetime on the gap height of insertion devices and on the RF cavity voltage is studied in detail for the reference optics of the SLS storage ring lattice. Including gas scattering losses we expect 3.5 hrs of total lifetime for 1 nCb bunch charge and 0.1 % coupling. Installation of a 3rd harmonic cavity for bunch lengthening would increase the total lifetime to 8 hrs and thus is recommended.


M. Boege, A. Streun, M. Munoz

Studies on Imperfections in the SLS storage ring

PAC-99, New York, March 1999, 1-MAR-1999, 0 pages [PS] [PDF] [HTML]

Studies on linear and nonlinear imperfections in the SLS storage ring operated at 2.4 GeV are presented. The in- fluence of spurious vertical dispersion and linear coupling on the vertical emittance and possible correction schemes are discussed. The deterioration of the Dynamic Aperture caused by higher order multipoles is investigated based on field calculations. Furthermore the influence of ground waves on the orbit stability is estimated.


M. Boege, M. Dehler, T. Schilcher, V. Schlott, R. Ursic

Fast Closed Orbit Control in the SLS storage ring

PAC-99, New York, March 99, 1-MAR-1999, 3 pages [PS] [PDF] [HTML]

Concepts for a fast orbit feedback in the SLS storage ring are presented. The Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) based orbit correction scheme is supposed to fight orbit oscillations up to 100 Hz stabilizing the orbit to 1/10th of the beam sigma at the locations of the insertion devices. For an emittance ratio of 1%, this corresponds to 1 micron tolerance in the vertical plane. In order to achieve this high accuracy strong restrictions are imposed on the residual noise of the beam position monitoring and the correction system. Theoretical estimates for the feedback gain are made using a simplified feedback model. The proposed layout of the feedback electronics based on the SLS digital BPM system is also described.



Update on TRACY-2 documentation

1-JUN-1999, 16 pages [PS] [PDF] [HTML]



Specifications of the mirrors M11 and M12 (X04S-OP-MI1,MI2) for the materials science beamline 4S

1-MAR-1999, 16 pages [PDF] [DOC]

Call for Tender: Two Cooled, Cylindrically-Bendable, Flat Mirrors including polishing, coating, thermal absorber plate, mechanisms for cooling, bending and positioning, optical measurements and finite-element simulations, vacuum chambers, support structures, packing and shipping

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